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    Wave goodbye to pain

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    Superior shoulder care

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    Warriors, again!

    London Shock Wave Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic
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Shock Wave Therapy in London | Our story of ESWT development

The Clinic was set up in 2010 to provide the latest treatment, Shockwave Therapy, for Musculoskeletal pain in the limbs. Shockwave Therapy was, of course, a regular avenue for sports injuries, and initially, we saw a lot of professional athletes for Shock Wave Therapy from in around Greater London. 

Over the years, the therapy has expanded, and we are finding further uses for Shock Wave Therapy each year. 

Our first development became apparent in the treatment of non-professional athletes and those who suffered sports type injuries from work-related overuse (computer users, painters, etc...).

The second came with treating of Severs Disease, in children, which is probably our most surprising development as results are consistently useful for something that previously had no treatment options apart from rest.

Please explore the site to see if we can help your condition with Shock Wave Therapy or other physio methods. If you would rather ask us directly, please click on Contact Us to Request a Callback

Shock Wave Therapy in London, SW19

The Clinic based in Wimbledon, London was set up as one of the first London hubs for shock wave therapy access. As one of the best new treatments, it is no surprise that other shock wave therapy clinics are also starting to offer the treatment. The popularity and significant results have also forced many medical insurance companies cover Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). This cover from insurance has also boosted the uptake of the therapy in London, but not all companies will offer you cover, so please check your policy. If you are looking for an experienced clinic in the management of sports injuries and would be interested in ESWT therapy in the London Area, then please CLICK HERE To Request a Call Back

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