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Shock Wave Therapy Prices London

What Is the fee of a shock wave treatment investment

Extracorporeal Shock wave Therapy Fees Can Differ At Lot In London

Why Is There This Big Difference?

Much of the difference is actually within the machine used. Like most tech these days, quality typically comes with mark-up. And the clinics have to pass this on to the consumer.

A clinical therapy team is likely to have a less expensive kit if the cost is lower or if trying to do things on mass and forgoing quality. After you take into account the brand of the device, you have a further split between the older Radial Devices & newer Focused Shock Wave Devices

But you are also investing in the expertise and experience of the practice or the practitioner.

Our Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Types

We use the BTL system as equipment providers

& We offer Both Radial-ESWT & Focused-ESWT

 Below you can see the different pricing structures for the two types of ESWT, but if you want to read more about the differences between the two types of shock wave therapy, you can read more on our blog on the difference between older Radial Devices & newer Focused Shock Wave Devices

Our Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Types

We use the BTL system as equipment providers

shock wave therapy consult in wimbledon south west London

ESWT Consult

Get A Diagnosis & Suitability Check


(We sometimes get people who want to forgo this process, typically for monetary gain. This concept is terrible and invalidates our insurance and professional code of practice. While we do understand you may have been sent "round-the-houses" from practitioner to practitioner before final seeking SWT, please understand it isn't something that can be done)

Focused ESWT

3 session package

An Investment For Three sessions of Focused ESWT is priced at £349.00

radial shock wave therapy prices in London the cost of R-ESWT

Radial ESWT

Per Session Investment

An Investment For a session of Radial ESWT is priced at £99

NOTE: We currently only do single session pricing for this type of ESWT, as most clients are coming in for top-ups only, and newer clients tend to opt for new Focused technology. Still, if you have had success with radial in the past, either here or at another clinic, this option is for you.

bolt on session of ESWT


Per Session Investment

A bolt-on Fee is £50

Shockwave 3 treatment package with symmetrical Involvement of both limbs,

I.e. Both heels with plantar fasciitis left and right tennis elbows or both hips.

Extra £50 per session to do the exact location on the other side of the body. In most clinics, there would be no concession for this. This Bolt-On is a limited offer. Only contemplate this if you have a pain condition on the other side. This bolt-on request needs to be flagged at the consult level. Extra time is required in sessions for bolt-on to happen.