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Professional Back Pain Treatment in Wimbledon

Over 70% of back pain is mechanical and comes from the small joints of the back. 
For quick short term recovery manipulation is a gold standard. After the pain is reduced a course of massage and exercise is supplied to ensure long-term pain relief.

In the other 30% of cases, spinal discs play a role.

Decompression and distractive techniques can help these, and the clinic has specialist benches to make this an easy procedure.

Shock wave therapy isn't effective on these pain generating tissues but is used on tissues that are involved in secondary roles.

The key to good back pain treatment results is in the understanding exactly which is why the clinic uses X-Ray, MRI and Spinal Mouse diagnostic tools to accompany diagnosis made in the clinic. All these can be done efficiently by the clinic without referral to your GP.

To book a consultation for back pain, you can contact reception. Contact us HERE