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Jumpers Knee Treatment Wimbledon London

The problem

As the name suggests, this condition was first noticed in jumpers but can come from excessive kneeling (housemaids knee) as well as running in a squatted style.

Pain is often located above the knee but can also be found below. NOTE: If your pain is on, the outside of the knee and is felt with running or long walking it is likely to be Runners Knee. Please see Runners Knee section - click here

Although technically different the cause is often the same i.e. excessive pulling or stretching of the quadriceps muscles (the muscle at the front of thigh). The tightness of the quads pulls on the kneecap, and its shin attachment is causing a growing irritation around the kneecap.

This dysfunction eventually presents as knee pain above the knee or in some cases below the knee. The pain should be directly above or below the kneecap although can be slightly left or slightly right. Pain can last for long periods making the suffering stop most cardio activity, hill/stair climbs and even walking long distances.


Luckily a new therapy called shockwave therapy has emerged as the quickest method of treating this condition. Recovery is usually significantly reduced meaning you can return to sport within a 3-8 week period depending on the severity of the condition.

The number of treatments for this condition is slightly more than other areas as treatment area is large (above, around, and below the knee as well as the front of thigh). Expect to need 4-5 treatments for superior results. Our unit is one of the most advanced on the market which means we can do this is a short time and with the least stress.

To book a Shockwave therapy consultation for your knee -  Request a callback here


However, if your pain is on the inside or back of the knee, it needs an in-depth exam please contact the clinic - Click Here to request a callback