Our new treatment for chronic shoulder pain is showing promise. 

Studies have shown that a Soundwave treatment called "extracorporeal shock wave therapy" can be useful in helping a painful rotator cuff/ shoulder pain issue.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy involves either applying high-energy or low-energy shock waves to the sensitive area -- in this case, the rotator cuff (muscles group that controls shoulder stability).

 The ability of the sound wave treatment to treat calcific tendonitis of the rotator cuff, a common cause of shoulder pain is incredible. The percentage of success is unbelievable huge when considering suffers from calcific tendonitis previously had to have surgery. 

In this condition, calcium deposits build up on the tendons that connect shoulder muscles to the nearby bones and would be resistant to conventional physiotherapy. 

The shock wave treatment has been shown to promote reabsorption of calcified deposits. If your condition has been persistent, it is likely that you are suffering from calcific tendonitis. We can arrange a full analysis of the shoulder and also provide treatment to remedy this condition quickly.

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